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How To Clean Your Hot Tub

When you own and use your own hot tub, keeping it clean and free of bacteria is critical for a safe and enjoyable tubbing experience. Sanitisers, filtration and water changes are the essential factors that go into maintaining and regulating your hot tub water. This article will walk you through every step of the process. 

Sanitise The Tub
To prevent bacteria growth, your hot tub will need to be treated with a Sanitiser. Bacteria can multiply quickly in a heated atmosphere, so keep the sanitiser level up to date to ensure that any bacteria in the water is eliminated. Chlorine and bromine are the two most common sanitisers for keeping your hot tub clean. 

Chlorine is cheap and fast acting sanitiser that can be introduced to the water by sprinkling the granules on the surface or diluting them in a container of warm water first. To avoid overdosing, we recommend starting with small doses of chlorine (unless the level is extremely low). After that, wait about two hours before testing again. This will give the chlorine time to operate, but if the water is too unclean, all of the chlorine will be used up, resulting in another low value. A chlorine residual will remain if the water is properly balanced, and no further chlorine will be required. 

How Much Sanitiser Should I Add? 
Because every hot tub owner’s hot tub is different, it’s impossible to say how much sanitizer is needed. As a result, we recommend that you test your sanitiser and PH level as frequently as possible and adjust as needed, though you may want to limit these checks to every few days if your water doesn’t need to be adjusted that frequently. If your usage grows, you should return to daily checks. 

Changing Water 
Water can only be chemically maintained for so long before it becomes clogged and needs to be replaced.   Depending on usage, we recommend replacing your water every three to four months. Simply drain you tub using the method outlined in your instruction manual.

Filter Maintenance 
Regularity of filter maintenance will vary depending on how often you use them, but we recommend cleaning them at least once every two weeks. Your filters will clog up faster if you use them a lot, such as at parties. When you fill your spa for the first time, or when you drain and refill your spa, the scenario is different. Because of the small particles in tap water and any particles from manufacturing/transport, the filters in this case may clog up within three–four days. 

What happens if I don’t clean my filters on a regular basis? 
The filters must be cleaned on a regular basis, or the water flow will be reduced, and the spa will shut off automatically. The following diagnostic messages may appear on your touch pad if your filters are unclean; FLO, Heater Dry, LF, DR, OHH, or — (two lines) (two lines). 

As you can see there are a few things you can do to keep your hot tub in good working order. Contact us for guidance on cleaning, alternatively, drop by our showroom in Hemel Hempstead to check out our latest range.